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TouchSiren Delta


Turn your car into a real police car!

 A real [take brand out for legal reasons] siren box that this one is modeled after will run you almost $1000. Now for the price of anything from a popular chain of discount merchandise, you can have a ☞☞☞REAL SIREN!!☜☜☜ FOR ONLY ☞☞☞$0.99☜☜☜
The TouchSiren Delta is modeled after a real system and behaves the same way! The siren unit design creates a realistic siren experience, perfect for pranking your friends or turning your car into a real emergency vehicle!Includes:✦Wail Siren✦Yelp Siren✦Sweeping Siren Sounds✦Airhorn✦Manual Siren
✽✽✽✽ Realistic look to have fun with police sounding sirens! ✽✽✽✽
~Don't forget to unmute iPhone when using this app!~